Mentoring Personal and Family Finance

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Atidot was founded by Yoram Leviant, a licensed pension agent, professional consultant and mentor for Family Finance in Israel

Yoram is an MBA graduate from Rotterdam School of Management who has spent over twenty years in the Israeli High-Tech Industry in a variety of managerial and leadership roles

Atidot provides coaching, mentoring and consulting for families and individuals on managing their family finance as well as pension savings and life insurance. Atidot takes a holistic approach by thoroughly examining a full set of domains before giving any advice. Atidot’s holistic approach uncovers the full financial picture of the family. Based on that, the mentoring process progresses to help the family fulfill their goals and dreams and to live by the values they believe in

Mentoring for family finance is not a one-time act. While we start with a systematic approach to create visibility and stability we accompany families on a long-term basis. We are also there for discussing arising dilemmas or new financial situations

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